Blue’s home is at Bear Creek Stables. He is a friendly goat, so the folks at Bear Creek Stables trained him to pull a small cart.



He was willing when bribed with a bit of food, so they took him to the Los Gatos Christmas Parade. The cart was decorated as a sleigh, a Santa costume was fitted to Blue, and off he went. After waiting around in the staging area, Blue was dressed and put in front of the cart. At first he didn’t want to go and it looked like his parade was over, but with some coaxing and food he started walking.



Something changed when we turned onto University Avenue. There was no stopping Blue. He didn’t eat any of the treats offered. He simply pulled the cart happily as people responded. When Blue pulled the sled by, the spectators laughed and pointed at the little goat in a Santa suit. As the energy level of the crowd increased, Blue gained enough energy to pull the cart all the way along University Avenue and Main Street.



When the parade was over, his handlers detached him from the cart and walked him back to the trailers. Back in the trailer he laid down. He was a tired little goat, but seemed proud. His work was done.


A Little Goat Stars in a Parade