About Us


The Friends of Bear Creek Stables is an organized nonprofit, 501c3 organization. The stables is located on the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve in Los Gatos, California, on Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD) land. Friends of Bear Creek Stables is requesting a long term lease with MROSD in order to expand visitor programs, upgrade facilities and implement additional environmental measures.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to preserve and improve the stable at Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve while limiting the environmental impact of the horses.  In addition, to bring a unique experience of horses to the public who enjoy Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve.

Board of Directors

Nancy Cole, President  nancy@team-cole.com 

Karen Read, Treasurer read.karen@gmail.com

Mariquita West, Secretary  mqqwest@earthlink.net