You can fit up to seven children on a pony. Not all at the same time, of course, but if they share, each child can have their own pony once a week. It’s much better than trying to fit them all on at once.


Having a pony co-op makes it possible for several families to share the financial responsibility of owning a horse. It also ensures that the pony gets regular exercise. The key is for everyone in the co-op to work with the pony the same way. At Bear Creek Stables, the same trainer works with the adults and children in the pony co-op. The parents and children learn horsemanship skills, while sharing the responsibilities of horse care.


On their designated days, the families take the ponies to the arena for riding lessons or go for a walk in the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve. Regular pony co-op meetings bring the children together to work on small projects, like cleaning tack. The ponies are also taken to local riding events to compete in gymkhanas and other pony games. If you and your child dream of owning a pony, but can’t imagine taking on all the responsibility, a pony co-op could be a great solution.


If you are interested in learning more about the pony co-op at Bear Creek Stables, email ponycoopbcs@gmail.com.


How Many Children Fit on a Pony?