Goats and horses relate together very well. In fact, goats are often used as companion animals for lonely horses. However, goats came to Bear Creek Stables not as companions, but as a means of clearing scrub bushes and trees in compliance with defensible space policy. 


In a very short time our goats have taken on another task. It started with our pony co-op families, who often have other children who are either too young for ponies or are not interested in horses. And so, our Goat Club was founded.  It snowballed quickly! There are many families who can not make the commitment to a horse, but still want to participate in stable life.


Goats are low cost, low maintenance.  They are very sturdy, easygoing, cheerful, and endlessly entertaining. Goats also touch something very basic in humans – that ancient pact between herd animals and their keepers.  That pact is still hardwired into our hi-tech children who have not grown up on milk from a valued family goat that has been carefully watched and grazed on any little patch of common ground.

Of course children learn a lot from animals;  responsibility, care, the wonderful cycle of life. With farm animals they also learn about the intricacies of working partnerships . Farm animals are not just pets and friends, they also have their tasks to perform. You can not bully them.  A horse is not going to perform with a rider he does not trust. And have you ever tried to catch and  then milk a stubborn goat? There is no button labelled, ACQUIRE MILK, on a goat.  There is no joystick to make a horse jump. It takes effort and dedication to build a  functional partnership and we believe that this is the most valuable lesson children can learn from the animals at Bear Creek Stables!


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Goats and Horses