At Bear Creek Stables we a held child-oriented workshops dedicated to wild animals, namely bats. They are welcomed neighbors anywhere, and especially at stables since a single bat can eat up to a thousand insects in just one hour! Freddy Howell of the Los Gatos Birdwatcher store was our guide into the world of bats.  We all learned about the different types of bats, their habitats, and their conservation. Visitors, young and old, then built and decorated bat houses.  Everyone had so much fun, they kept building until the supplies ran out!


The bat houses will be installed at the stables.  A rehabilitation program is being planned for The Bear Creek Redwood Preserve, of which the stables is a part. So, some of the bat colonies residing in old buildings on the preserve might lose their homes.  With all of the bat houses that were built, there will now be some very fancy, alternative shelters which will help keep these wonderful creatures in the preserve. The next time you are in the preserve stop by the stables and check out the new bat digs!

Many thanks to Albert Spears and Jónás László who dedicated hours of work to prepare the bat house kits for us!

Got Bat?