Jasmine and Daisy have a lot in common.


They were both successful Thoroughbred racehorses in California. They are both Kentucky-bred with stellar pedigrees. And along with 2015 Triple Crown Winner, American Pharaoh, they are direct descendants of Mr. Prospector whose progeny have dominated the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.


After their short racing careers, Jasmine (a.k.a. My Little Cokie) and Daisy (a.k.a. Erasingly) were purchased by a breeding farm and used as broodmares for several years until the farm decided to downsize its breeding herd. At the prime of their lives, Jasmine 10, and Daisy 8, were byproducts of the    racing industry.  With little training and few life skills, their future looked bleak. Many retired thoroughbreds are sent to auction, where even the most distinguished pedigree does not protect you from an uncertain fate.  At auction, kill buyers are on the look out for horses to ship out of country, for slaughter.


When Pam Ashford and Jenny Whitman, of Bear Creek Stables, learned the plight of the two mares, they offered to help Neigh Savers Foundation save them. They quickly made arrangements to transport them to Bear Creek, where Neigh Savers volunteers help retired racehorses adjust to “civilian” life. Depending on their temperaments and athletic abilities, the Neigh Saver horses  can become trail horses, or go on to dressage, jumping, or even working ranch horse careers.  


Jasmine and Daisy have only been at Bear Creek Stables for a few weeks but already their personalities are beginning to emerge. Initially shy, both eagerly await visitors now, and love to be fussed over. To date, the Neigh Saver volunteers at Bear Creek Stables have successfully helped rehab and rehome 17 off-the-track Thoroughbreds. A soft landing, indeed, for Jasmine and Daisy.