Drainage System

Goats and Horses

Goats and horses relate together very well. In fact, goats are often used as companion animals for lonely horses. However, goats came to Bear Creek Stables not as companions, but as a means of clearing scrub bushes and trees in compliance with defensible space policy.

The Friends of Bear Creek Stables have secured a $2500 grant from Bay Area Barns and Trails (BABT) for improvements to the lower arena and tie stall area.


A new drainage system was installed to remove rainwater and storm run-off from the arena and mitigate flooding in the area.  In addition, the footing in the tie stalls was upgraded with base rock and new rubber mats.


How Many Children Fit on a Pony?

Got Bat?

You can fit up to seven children on a pony. Not all at the same time, of course, but if they share, each child can have their own pony once a week. It’s much better than trying to fit them all on at once. 

Bats are welcomed neighbors anywhere, and especially at stables since a single bat can eat up to a thousand insects in just one hour! We all learned about the different types of bats, their habitats, and their conservation. 

Children's Workshop

Bear Creek Stables held a child-oriented workshop on stable life and animal first aid. Dr. Kristin Wallace walked kids through basic veterinary procedures.


It’s 8:30am on a Wednesday morning, typically a pretty quiet time of the day at Bear Creek Stables.  But on this midweek morning, the silence is broken by a myriad of questions “How do I put the halter on?”  “Can you show us different breeds of horses?” Where are the brushes kept?” 

LGHS Volunteers

lgs volunteers with carabella

Water Tanks

The Friends of Bear Creek Stables has been instrumental in implementing the fire safety resource at the Stables; two 4,800 gallon water tanks, equipped with a CalFire water hook-up hydrant are now installed at Bear Creek Stables for wildfire suppression.


The wildfire water tank project is in the County-wide Wildfire Protection Plan and fits into the General Plan of keeping the mountain community safe from wildfires.