Drainage System

The Friends of Bear Creek Stables have secured a $2500 grant from Bay Area Barns and Trails (BABT) for improvements to the lower arena and tie stall area.


A new drainage system was installed to remove rainwater and storm run-off from the arena and mitigate flooding in the area.  In addition, the footing in the tie stalls was upgraded with base rock and new rubber mats.

Fire Safety Program at Bear Creek


This summer the Friends Board hosted several important Fire safety events.  On July 17, 2019 the FBCS group invited CalFire and Santa Clara County Fire Departments to meet us and tour the Stables to increase their awareness of the site, provide guidance on improving defensible space and talk about best practices in the on-going efforts to keep the Stables safe from wildfire. We met at the two 5000 gallon emergency Water Tanks located adjacent to the main driveway.  What a surprise when SCCFD showed up with four engines and CalFire brought another!  Friends walked the property with 18 fire personnel, stables management and Michael Gorman (MidPen Area Manager).  CalFire pointed out areas of concern such as fallen trees, tall grasses and overgrown shrubs.  Friends is grateful for the participation of our local fire agencies!  As a result, MidPen took action around the Stables, clearing ladder fuels and brush to improve defensible space.  FBCS held 2 safety orientations at the Stables during fire season to point out the emergency supplies locations, water hoses and fire extinguishers. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Water Tanks

The Friends of Bear Creek Stables has been instrumental in implementing the fire safety resource at the Stables; two 4,800 gallon water tanks, equipped with a CalFire water hook-up hydrant are now installed at Bear Creek Stables for wildfire suppression.


The wildfire water tank project is in the County-wide Wildfire Protection Plan and fits into the General Plan of keeping the mountain community safe from wildfires.