The Friends of Bear Creek Stables (FBCS) was created in 2013 with the mission of working to keep Bear Creek Stables open for the future.  The FBCS group has written grants & completed three improvement projects at the Stables over the past four years, all in the name of keeping the Stables viable and safe for the public, over the years to come.


An important wildfire protection project was recently completed at Bear Creek Stables.  The Friends of Bear Creek Stables has been instrumental in implementing the fire safety resource at the Stables; two 4,800 gallon water tanks, equipped with a CalFire water hook-up hydrant are now installed near the entrance to Bear Creek Stables for wildfire suppression. The wildfire water tank project is in the County-wide Wildfire Protection Plan and fits into the General Plan of keeping the mountain community safe from wildfires. This important project was a collaborative effort between the Friends of Bear Creek Stables, MidPen (Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space District) and the Stables management.  The two large water tanks were purchased by MidPen, Friends of Bear Creek Stables raised the money for the water tank fittings and fire hydrant, and the Stables management, Pam and Gary Ashford installed the pipes & fittings.  The tanks are equipped to accommodate CalFire trucks, in case of emergency.  


This project was made possible by two funding grants provided by the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council and the Loma Prieta Community Foundation, whose generous support allowed the Friends of Bear Creek Stables to spear head the project.  This critical safety measure is making great progress towards wildfire suppression in the Los Gatos mountains, and at Bear Creek Stables, where over 70 horses call home. CalFire plans to use the Stables as a ' Staging ground' in the event of a major wildfire on the mountain; now they have water on site to help in those efforts.

water tank 1
water tank 2